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New Government Job Vacancies Zanzibar ( 29 Posts)

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar is the semi-autonomous government of Zanzibar , a part of Tanzania . It is made up of a Revolutionary Council and a House of Representatives of Zanzibar . The head of the government is the President of Zanzibar , who is also the chairman of the Revolutionary Council , currently Dr . Ali Mohammed Shein

The Office of the President – Public Service and Good Governance is created after the general elections held on March 20 , 2016 , and is responsible for addressing two main sectors : Public Service and Good Governance . In the case of Public Service , there are six institutions of the Public Service Commission , Public Service Commission , Department of Information and Technology (Government Network), Human Resources Department , Organizational Structures , Human Resources , and Human Resources . and Public Administration College .

In the case of good governance , it includes four institutions , the Department of Good Governance , Corruption Authority and Economic Disaster in Zanzibar , the Ethics Leadership Commission and the Office of the Controller and Auditor General . These two sectors are linked to the following departments : Human Resources , Department of Planning , Policy , and Research as well as Central Pemba Office .

We Announce new 29 Government Jobs at Ministry of Finance and Planning . To see all jobs and details please download full advert in SWAHILI PDF File through the link below :


Jobs in Tanzania

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