ICT Teacher at Secondary Education for Girls Advancencement (SEGA)

ICT Teacher at Secondary Education for Girls Advancencement (SEGA)

Position: ICT Teacher (1 Position)


  • Plan lessons in line with National Curriculum syllabus documents and in accordance with the school policy
  • Present lessons in a comprehensive manner and use visual/audio/interactive methods to inspire students to learn
  • Provide individualized instruction to each student by promoting self-directed learning
  • Assess and record students’ progress, and provide grades and feedback Observe and understand students’ behavior and psychological health, and report suspicions of neglect, abuse etc.
  • Maintain a tidy and orderly classroom
  • Collaborate with other teachers, parents and stakeholders, and participate in regular meetings
  • Plan and execute educational seminars to boost basic computer knowledge for staff, graduates and students in after-school club
  • Enrich professional skills by keeping up to date with developments in the subject area, with new resources, technologies, teaching methodologies and national objectives
  • Other priority assignments that arise from supervisors
  • IT Staff Responsibilities

Assist the IT Coordinator to prioritize and resolve daily support needs. These include, but are not limited to, troubleshooting the network, installing software, preparing information reports, assisting staff with basic computer usage questions, troubleshooting and repair computer hardware failures.
Academic Requirements:

Bachelor degree in ICT teaching with a certificate in Education from a recognized university/college: Bachelor of Computer Science or Relevant Qualifications
Practical skills in curriculum interpretation and innovative implementation
Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
Practical knowledge of one or more programming technologies
Thorough knowledge of teaching best practices and legal educational guidelines partnered with a willingness to follow the school’s policies and procedures
Women are encouraged to apply

Application Requirement:

Only CV and Application Letter to be sent to: mpugusi2006@gmail.com

Deadline: 14 February, 2020

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