System Developer


  • Design , development , deployment and testing of solutions .
  • Implement and debug subsystems and components
  • Training and roll out of solutions .
  •  Installation and configuration of software as per the specified terms and requirements .
  • Documentation of solutions provided (reports , user and technical manuals), as per specifications given .
  • Comply with project plans and industry standards as specified and required in each project
  • Software solutions .
  •  Protects operations by keeping information confidential .
  • Integrate software components into a fully functional software system
  • Participate in Proof of Concept and Demos/Presentations .
  • Database systems development using SQL 2012 and above• Perform tasks efficiently and work together with team to ensure project success .
  • Proficiency in visual basic programming language and JQL .
  •  Proficiency in JavaScript , Android programing , Java programing HTML , CSS , PHP and ASP , Node JS and all Frameworks (Laravel , React Js , Angular Js).
  • Performs all activities associated with evaluating systems requirements , designing appropriate test plans and performing software tests
  • Must understand technical documents describing systems and processes , and demonstrate an aptitude and willingness to keep technical skills current by learning new languages , operating systems , hardware , tools and technology .
  •  Analyze customer testing requirements and translate into appropriate test plans
  •  Generate test related documents
  • Work in a team and individual work environment
  • Come up with innovative products for the R & D development
  • Lead or participate on cross functional team

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Other Duties :

  • Act in accordance with the instruction of and comply with all lawful directions of the company’s management .
  • Promote and safeguard at all times the interest of the company and its business and not do anything detrimental to those interest .
  •  Maintain absolute confidentiality in your work matters and company’s records

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s in Computer related fields like computer science , information systems and mathematics , from an accredited institution